Marionberry Mint Syrup | Simple Goodness Sisters

Refreshing, tart and sweet, marionberry and mint are inescapable summer flavors in the PNW. Though not native sons, they love to grow here, often more than we farmers would like. With Marionberry Mint we’ve embraced these invasive, unstoppable plants and delicious, and bottled their bounty for your front porch sipping enjoyment.

Ingredients: Marionberries, Mint, Pure Cane Sugar, Water

Pacific Northwest inspired drink syrups like you’ve never tasted them- bright, complex, and fresh from the farm and the forest. These are the best drinking syrups you have ever tasted, and there are many reasons why, but mostly this one: these are homegrown. Each ingredient is sourced hyper-locally with the highest quality and ethics standards. Many are grown on a local family farm, carefully tended to with sustainable farming practices. 

Syrup made in Washington State and reusable bottle is made in France.

6.8 Fluid Ounces