Maison Blanc Candles | Collection

The sleek silhouette of the Classic Candle makes a statement in any room, and exudes elegance with its ambient glow and ample fragrance throw. The candle is designed to sit perfectly in the depression of the coordinating glass lid when lit; and can be used to extinguish the flame when done with use. This stunning duo is packaged in a decorative box with metallic accents, perfect for gift giving.

The Petite Jar is small yet eye-catching with glass embossed in the Maison Collection pattern. A metallic decorative lid can be used to extinguish the flame or keep the candle dust-free when not in use. This candle makes the perfect travel companion or thoughtful gift.

Available in two sizes: Classic has 9.5 Ounces (60 Hour Burn Time) and Petite Jar has 4.5 Ounces (35 Hour Burn Time)

Wild Flowers: Notes of Native Wildflowers, Golden Poppy, Springing Herbs & Soft Citrus

Saijo Persimmon: Notes of Persimmon, Peach, & Jasmine

Italian Bellini: Notes of Sparkling Wine & White Peach