L'AVANT Marble Tray

Objects of beauty deserve a beautiful frame, and you can't beat this marble tray specifically designed for your favorite L'AVANT products. Its classic lines add a touch of refined elegance to any décor.

This tray is made from the finest white marble with unique brass accent details. Known for its durability and natural shine, this high-end stone contains subtle grey veining that makes each tray one-of-a-kind. Brass inlay detailing reflects the look of our L’AVANT bottles, and the discreet addition of the L’AVANT logo in the corner completes the custom design. 

The tray sits on elevated feet to protect surfaces.  Because marble is naturally porous, we recommend sealing upon arrival and every six months to maintain the stone’s polished sheen.

It is recommended to keep the tray dry between uses.

Dimensions:  12” x 6” x 1”