Franklin Smoke | Wood Fire Food

Aaron Franklin, bestselling author and proprietor of Austin's hotspot Franklin Barbecue, turns to backyard live-fire grilling and smoking in this new book Franklin Smoke. Along with award-winning food writer Jordan Mackay, Franklin addresses the mysterious area where smoker and grill intersect, describing when and how to best combine the two. This complete resource, which features inspiring and helpful photographs, proves that lighting a backyard fire is no big deal on a weeknight—and that you can (and should!) cook this way for fuller flavors and a deeper engagement with the elements. 

The trick is in treating fire as an ingredient, not a medium. Franklin and Mackay detail strategies for executing meals over the full lifespan of a fire, employing low- and high-heat techniques as well as indirect cooking and smoking. 

Featuring detailed chapters on tools, techniques, and methods of grilling and smoking a variety of ingredients, 
Franklin Smoke answers all of your burning questions!