Gunmetal Black Stainless Steel Bar Tool Set

Featuring shiny gunmetal black finish, this stainless-steel bar tool set is an upgrade that places your home or commercial bar into the world of luxury.

With each tool made of 304 stainless-steel, you can be sure this gunmetal black bar tool set will maintain its quality look and function no matter what beverages you're mixing up. Hand washing is recommended for each component.

The vintage cocktail shaker features a French or Parisian style, a design that is still used today by many world-famous Japanese mixologists. It includes a mixing tin and a lid that fits atop it.

The long barspoon is made with a classic teardrop design and elegant twisted handle. This 15.75" mixing spoon is made for mixing, layering, and swizzling shots and cocktail recipes.

No bar tool set is complete without a double jigger. With an hourglass design that dates back to the pre-Prohibition era and easy-to-see inner markings, you can easily figure out the liquor measurements you need for any cocktail.

Master the art of the split pour to serve up two cocktails at once as you use the classic, easy-to-clean, Hawthorne cocktail strainer.

These four bar tools are sure to be given heavy use behind any home or commercial bar, and are guaranteed to catch the eye of your friends or patrons any time they're in sight.

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