The Provider Cookbook

In our modern ways of cooking and eating, we’ve gotten out of touch with Mother Nature. Those who hunt, fish, and enjoy wild game know that we should always respect and cherish our food and where it comes from. 
For hunter/chef Chad Belding and MMA star Chad Mendes, hunting and ethical farming are crucial ways to reinforce our connection to nature. In The Provider Cookbook, Belding and Mendes share recipes and stories to celebrate this way of life and keep it alive for generations to come. Here you’ll find everything from comfort-food classics to more refined cuisine, including:
   Wild Game Stroganoff
    Bear Bourguignon
    Elk Pizza Meatballs
    Korean Barbecue Venison Street Tacos
    Wild Turkey and Dumplings
    Mossy Pond’s Smother-Fried Quail
    Duck Egg Rolls
    Pulled Goose Barbecue Sandwiches
    Seared Tuna Medallions
    Cajun Fried Catfish Sandwiches
    Brian’s Coconut Curry Halibut
They also share tips for properly storing food, plus recipes for domestic meats and their favorite vegetable sides and sauces. Accompanied by gorgeous food and landscape photography, the recipes and stories in The Provider Cookbook will take you on a journey from field and farm to table.