The High One - Denali

Welcome to the grandeur of one of the world's most alluring peaks...Denali. It is adventurous beauty at its finest. Denali can be elusive as it creates its' own weather system but for the forNtunate few it is a mecca of magic rising high above the formidable mountains that flank its' golden slopes. Wander with us as we leave the safety of the quaint town of Talkeetna into the back of beyond of one of Alaska's premier wilderness areas.   
Balsam Fir Needle | White Pine | Spruce
Weight: 11 oz | Burn Time: 55+ hours 
Hand-poured in California.
Made using natural coconut-apricot wax
Infused with essential oils & a proprietary blend of premium grade aromatic oils
Phthalate Free and Cruelty Free