Relish Candles | Series

Delicious fragrances filled in nostalgic storage jars.

Hand-Poured in the USA.  Made of soy wax and a cotton wick.

Balsam + Fir: Woody Fragrance: notes of clove, balsam and fir give this fragrance its woodiness. 

Pomegranate  + Spruce: Fresh, fruity scents of ripe pomegranate paired with hints of cinnamon and pine. 

Pumpkin + Spice: Notes of spiced ginger, harvest pumpkin, and cinnamon bark lend to the spiciness of this fragrance.

Ocean Tide + Sea Salt: Fresh scents of sea salt and eucalyptus blended with hints of citrus, rosemary and jasmine

Pink Salted Grapefruit:  Notes of grapefruit, lemon, and sea salt lend to this fragrance.

Large: 9.5 Ounces 

Small: 3 Ounces