Japonica Glass Lid Jar Collection

Classically designed of embossed glass jar this collection will elevate any home. Beautiful hues glimmer as the flame illuminates delicate embossing. You’ll love using the jar for jewelry, flowers or decor long after the candle is gone. 

Gilt Pomander & Hinoki: Notes of Golden Spiced Pomander, Holly Berries, Cardamon & Japanese Hinoki

Spiced GojiNotes of Goji Berry, Ripe Mango, Tarocco Orange, Anise, Clove & Cinnamon

White CypressNotes of White Cypress, Juniper Berry, Mint Leaves and Evergreen Wood

Spice Pumpkin Latte:  Notes of fresh Kabocha Pumpkin, Coconut Crema, Spiced Brûlée

Large Glass Lidded Jar: 18 ounces with a burn time of 100 hours

Small Glass Lidded Jar: 5.5 ounces with a burn time of 50 hours.