A Recipe for How Much I Love You

Share your love for the toddler or young reader in your life with this sugary sweet board book! Perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day you want to say “I love you.”

Discover the special ingredients you need to make a joyful lives with those you love in this sweet story from Danielle Kartes. Danielle is an author, food stylist, recipe developer and mother, who knows that food is a way to feel joyful, a way to connect with your family, a way to live brilliantly.
It takes a lot of special ingredients to make a joyful life. We need:
½ cup togetherness
2 heaping cups of love
just a pinch of courage
plenty of snuggles

YOU, my sweet!
You’re the sprinkles to my cupcake,
the plums to my pudding!
You, my darling, are the PERFECT recipe

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